Israel is preparing for a ground attack! City evacuated near Lebanon, know what is the strategy

Israel Hamas War: Israel bombed Gaza early Friday and attacked places in the southern region where Palestinians were asked to leave for security reasons. Along with this, Israel is evacuating one of its major cities near Lebanon on the northern border, which indicates that it may launch a ground attack in Gaza. Palestinians in Gaza said that there has been a heavy air attack on Khan Younis located in the southern area. The injured people were taken by ambulance to Nasser Hospital, which was already packed with patients and people seeking shelter. Nasser Hospital is the second largest hospital in Gaza.

Attack on more than 100 targets

The Israeli army said it has attacked more than 100 targets linked to Hamas rulers in Gaza. These bases also include a tunnel and a weapons depot. More than one million people have been displaced in the Gaza Strip, many of whom followed Israeli orders to evacuate the area. UN officials said attacks across the Gaza Strip were causing some Palestinians who had fled there to return north. UN Human Rights Office spokeswoman Ravina Shamdasani said the attacks, coupled with poor living conditions in the southern region, appeared to have forced people to return to the north.

Aid material is stuck

Gaza’s overcrowded hospitals are rationing medical supplies and fuel for generators as much-needed aid from Egypt has yet to arrive. In Gaza hospitals, doctors performed surgeries in dark wards by mobile phone light and used vinegar to treat wounds. More than 200 trucks carrying around 3,000 tonnes of aid material are stuck on the way as the road damaged in the air strikes has still not been repaired. However, work to repair the road started on Friday and efforts are being made to fill the potholes with the help of machines.

Israel evacuated the city

Israel has evacuated its communities near Gaza and Lebanon and placed them in hotels elsewhere in the country. On Friday, the Defense Ministry announced a plan for Kiryat Shmona, a city near the border with Lebanon. Under this plan, more than 20,000 people of the city will be evacuated.