Italy’s PM Giorgia Meloni broke up with her partner, this one comment broke the 10 year old relationship

Italian Prime Minister Georgia Meloni has broken up with her partner Andrea Giambruno. Today i.e. on Friday they have announced their breakup. Actually, journalist Andrea Giambruno had recently made a comment on TV. This comment was criticized a lot. After which PM Georgia shared the news of ending the relationship on the social site Facebook. He wrote on his Facebook account that my relationship with Andrea Giambruno lasted for about 10 years, but now this relationship has ended.

Prime Minister Georgia Meloni wrote that our paths have parted ways for some time. We have decided that the time has come for separation. Georgia Meloni is the Prime Minister of Italy while Giambruno is the presenter of Mediaset news program. Both of them also have a six year old daughter. Whose name is Genevera. Both of them met during a TV program in 2015. After which the closeness between the two increased. Soon both of them started living together.

Meloni is the first woman PM of Italy
It is noteworthy that Georgia Meloni is the first woman PM of Italy. She is the leader of the Brothers of Italy party. Georgia has also declared herself the heir of former Italian dictator Mussolini many times. Before becoming PM, in 2008, at the age of just 31, she became Italy’s youngest minister. At the same time, his visit to India during G20 was also in discussion.