Earning Rs 70,000 every month from e-bike-taxi, Ola has prepared a great strategy.

New Delhi : Do you have an electric bike or an electric car? If yes, then you have a chance to earn around Rs 70,000 every month. Ola, which provides cab and bike rider facilities in India, is offering attractive offers on its electric bike-taxi. A month after launching e-bike taxi service in Karnataka’s capital Bengaluru, Ola is assuring bike riders of earning at least Rs 70,000 every month. According to a news from Money Control, after a security deposit of about five thousand rupees, Ola is also providing its electric scooters for rent.

Ola fixed fare on electric scooter

Bhavish Aggarwal and Ankit Bhati’s company Ola had announced the re-introduction of e-bike taxi service on September 16. In this, riders service is being provided through A1 scooters of Ola Electric. The company has fixed a charge of Rs 25 for a journey up to about five kilometers and Rs 50 for a journey between five to 10 kilometres.

How to get taxi-bike on rent?

It has been said in the news that Ola is expanding its e-bike and taxi service in Bengaluru. To attract more and more taxi riders, many offers and schemes are being offered by Ola. For this, pamphlets are also being distributed by the company. It has been claimed that riders can earn at least Rs 70,000 every month through Ola Bike and Taxi.

E-bike on rent with security of Rs 5,000

It is also being told that Ola’s S1 air bike can be rented from the company on a security deposit of Rs 5,000. For renting, PAN card, Aadhar and bank details as well as valid driving license will be required. Many youth have also reached enrollment centers for this.

Ola will charge on the basis of booking

For those who are taking bikes on rent, the charge will be decided based on the number of bookings. There will be a daily charge of Rs 300 for 10 bookings of a ride, Rs 100 for 10-14 bookings, Rs 50 for 15-19 bookings and no charge for 20 or more bookings. Apart from this, incentives will also be given by the company based on the income of the riders. It is being told that no incentive will be available for less than 10 bookings. Also, an incentive of Rs 800 will be available on 10-14 bookings, Rs 1300 on 15-19 bookings, Rs 1800 on 20-24 bookings, Rs 2300 on 25-29 bookings and Rs 2800 on bookings of 30 or more.

how is the response

Talking about the response to Ola’s offers, Ola S1 runs only 70-75 km on a full charge and riders have to complete 10 rides to get an incentive of Rs 800 for an average trip of eight kilometres. The battery runs down after seven or eight trips and it takes 6.5 hours to fully charge. For the rest of the trip one has to resort to petrol bike. At the same time, some riders also say that electric bike saves oil costs and is easily maintained at Ola service centre. Regarding battery related issues, riders say that they charge the scooter all night at home, but in case of sudden need, the work is done at a fast charging station, which takes only an hour.