There is a frog on the highway, find it in 30 seconds, then people will consider you a genius.

New Delhi: Generally people consider themselves more intelligent than others i.e. genius. But, there are some things which test one’s intelligence. Many such pictures are being posted on social media these days, which test one’s intelligence. There are some small things or animals in these pictures, which are not easily visible. These pictures are quite captivating, but they also deceive the eyes. Besides, it also presents fun challenges. In a way, you can also call it a puzzle, which not only increases your intelligence but also makes you expert in finding the smallest things. Besides this, these pictures also help in increasing your concentration and reducing stress. We saw a picture of a similar highway on social media.

There are many vehicles on the highway in this picture. The road is long and winding. There are also plenty of trees and plants. You will also see grass and birds on the roadside. There is a frog sitting in the same grass under the tree. In the next 30 seconds you have to find and tell where the frog is sitting in this picture.

If you are ready for this, your time starts now. If you find the frog in the picture in 30 seconds, do not forget to write a comment below this news. If you write comments, you will be considered a genius.

In true sense, let us tell you that this test also tells about your eyesight and ability to see through a picture. Many congratulations to those who identified the frog sitting in this picture. You have the keen eyes of a hawk. But, for those struggling to find the frog, don’t worry. We have some tricks and tips for them too.

So, have you seen a frog anywhere now? If not found, we will let you know. There is a small frog sitting in the left corner of this picture. You just need to look carefully. Now if you have found the frog, then we will tell you one more useful thing. That is, it is a psychological selective attention. Selective attention involves focusing on a particular object within a complex scene while filtering out other information. In this challenge the audience will have to focus on identifying the frog within the picture.