Hair Fall Remedies: Falling hair has increased the worry, so know the magic of dry fruits.


Raisins are rich in iron, zinc and vitamins which are essential for hair growth. It helps in increasing the strength and shine of hair and prevents their fall.


Almonds contain biotin which is essential for hair health. It helps in making hair strong and shiny and reduces their fall.


Walnuts contain nutrients such as vitamins and minerals which provide strength to the hair. It contains rich amounts of Vitamin E and B which is helpful in reducing hair fall.


Dates are rich in iron and helps improve blood circulation, which is important for hair growth. Consuming dates can help in dealing with this problem.


Figs contain good amounts of Vitamin C and iron, which helps in maintaining hair health. Its consumption maintains the strength and thickness of hair.


Pistachios contain biotin, vitamin B6 and vitamin E, which are beneficial for hair health.

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