If the smell is coming from inside your car, then by doing these things ‘your girl’ will be impressed.

New Delhi : Whether your car is new or old, it is common for its interior to smell. Now you will say that smell does come from vehicles, but you are absolutely wrong in saying this. It is the result of our carelessness that smell comes from the interior or cabin of the vehicle. By adopting the tips that we are going to tell you, not only will the smell coming from your car stop, but ‘your wife’ will also be impressed. So what are you waiting for, let us know the tips to remove smell…

Why does the smell come from inside the car?

Before getting rid of the smell coming from the car, it is very important to know the reasons behind its origin. When you know this, you will not do that work while sitting in the car in future. So let us tell you that the biggest reason behind the smell coming from your car is eating while sitting inside it. By doing this, some food particles remain inside the car and they remain lying in some corner of the car. Due to not cleaning the car regularly, those food particles start rotting and spreading bad smell. The second biggest reason for this is smoking while sitting inside the car. First of all, if you clean your car regularly and stop eating and smoking inside it, then there will be no smell from inside your car.

Clean car cabin regularly

The second biggest solution to remove the smell coming from inside the car is to regularly clean the car cabin. Bad smell can occur due to eating chips, cold drinks or food. Many times, if the car window is closed, air is not able to pass through, due to which bad smell starts to arise. In such a situation, even perfume or air freshener does not work properly. Therefore, it is very important to clean your car regularly.

You can use spray, air freshener and perfume

Now if you have completed the measures mentioned above, then you can use sprays, air fresheners and perfumes to remove the bad smell in the cabin of your car. By the way, generally when people leave home getting ready for work, they do not forget to apply perfume on their clothes. Despite this, if there is a smell coming from the cabin of your car, you can remove it by using spray, air freshener and perfume. Especially these should be sprinkled in those places from where there is a possibility of foul smell. Now if you have done so much work, how can anyone not be impressed?