Israel–Hamas War: Israel will launch more deadly attack on Gaza, see heart-wrenching picture

Israel–Hamas War photo

Israel has announced a deadly attack on Gaza, which has created a stir in the whole world. The Israeli Army has said that we are preparing to attack from land, water and sky to eliminate Hamas soon. Israel’s Defense Minister Yoav Galant has said that his army is also ready for ground attack.

Israel–Hamas War news and photo

US President Joe Biden has spoken to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. Biden has said that Hamas should first release the hostages. Only after this will there be some talks or there will be talk about ceasefire. Here, after Joe Biden, now Rishi Sunak claims that the attack on Gaza hospital took place from Gaza itself.

Israel–Hamas War today’s news

Let us discuss here that for the last several days the Israeli army is seen camping on the border of Gaza. The army is only waiting for orders to attack. As soon as she receives orders, she will pounce on the enemies. Israel’s Defense Minister Yoav Galant said that we are preparing for a deadly attack. This will happen from all three sides – earth, sky and waterways and we will defeat the enemies.

Israel–Hamas War news today

Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden, leaders of Canada, France and Germany also issued a joint statement. In this statement it has been said that they stand in support of Israel and are with it in the fight against Hamas. After this statement it is clear that PM Benjamin Netanyahu is planning a major attack on Gaza.

gaza strip wat photo

Meanwhile, the Palestinian Health Ministry has given the latest update. According to the ministry, the death toll in Gaza has reached 4741. Around 100 Palestinians have lost their lives in the West Bank also. Israel is seen carrying out air strikes not only on Gaza but also in South Lebanon and the West Bank.

gaza war photo today

Let us discuss here that the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas had carried out a series of rocket attacks in southern Israel on October 7. In response to this unexpected attack, Israel’s defense forces also took strong retaliatory action, due to which conflict broke out between the two sides. Meanwhile, while terming Hamas as a barbaric terrorist organization, Indian-origin American MP Shri Thanedar said that there is a need to uproot it.