Same number plate, same address but two autos! Clash took place at this railway station of Delhi, read the report

New Delhi : Will we call this the handiwork of RTO brokers or the mistake of transport department officials? The number plate was the same and the home address of the vehicle owner was also the same, but the auto (passenger three wheeler) was different. The biggest thing was that the mobile number written along with the address on the documents of the auto was also the same. After looking at the documents of the car, it is difficult to guess which auto has the real registration? This Sunday i.e. on 22nd October, both the autos came face to face in the parking lot of New Delhi Railway Station. After this the secret that was revealed turned out to be shocking.

Face to face in the parking lot of New Delhi Railway Station

According to a report in Hindi newspaper Navbharat Times, there were three autos parked between the two autos with the same number plate and address in the parking lot of New Delhi Railway Station. There was a distance of only three autos between these two. When ASI Amar Singh and Head Constable Manoj, posted in the PCR (Police Control Room) vehicle, saw these two autos, these two policemen also got confused. It became difficult for them to differentiate between real and fake autos. These two policemen called out to the driver of an auto with a similar plate at the parking auto stand of New Delhi Railway Station to come near them. The report says that the auto driver with the original registration came to them immediately. The driver of the auto with fake registration ran away from there. The auto stood there for a long time.

Second auto on fake registration number

It has been said in the report that the story that came out during the investigation by Delhi Police turned out to be shocking. During the investigation, the police came to know that the driver of the auto with the original registration was worried for a long time that the challans issued by the traffic police were reaching his home address. Challans were also issued at such places on which routes he never transported any passengers. Due to the fake registration number, he has already paid thousands of rupees in challan.

Auto with fake registration seized

The driver of the original auto told the police that after registering a complaint in this regard at Ranhaula police station, he had also alerted the police that another auto in his name and number was also running in Delhi. In the complaint given to the police, he expressed fear that if any crime or suspicious activity is committed in an auto with fake registration, he may get trapped. The real owner heaved a sigh of relief after another auto with fake registration was seized from New Delhi Railway Station on Sunday afternoon. The police of New Delhi Railway Station confiscated that auto. It was stolen a few years ago. E-FIR is also registered in Rohini police station.