Woman seen working on laptop on Royal Enfield in Bengaluru, see PHOTO

Bengaluru: Bengaluru, the capital of Karnataka, is one of the busiest cities. Bengaluru is no different from other cities in India when it comes to workplaces, especially private corporates. The work pressure on people is so high that not only are employees seen working in the office and at home, people are also seen working in cars, buses and metro trains while going to office or while traveling back home from office. . But, nowadays a video is going viral on social media, in which a woman is seen working on a laptop on Royal Enfield even in the heavy traffic of Bengaluru.

Media reports say that a video has surfaced online on social media, in which a woman sitting on the back of a bike in Bengaluru can be seen working on a laptop. This video has already gone viral on the internet. It has been told in the report that someone traveling on the same road with the bike rider took footage of the woman sitting on the motorcycle working on a laptop.

In the video, a woman is seen sitting on the back of a motorcycle. With a backpack on her back, she has placed the laptop on the bike seat between herself and the male rider. Engrossed in her work, the woman lifts the laptop to show the rider the screen and the rider takes a look at it. She is not aware of her surroundings at all and is just busy completing her work.

The video was originally posted on Reddit. After this it was viewed many times and many people also commented on it. Most of those commenting on the video did not seem surprised. He was truly concerned about the woman’s safety.

In May this year, a similar photo from the Karnataka capital showed a woman sitting on the pillion of a Rapido bike on the Koramangala-Agara-Outer Ring Road, working on her laptop. The picture was shared by a Twitter user, who posted it as “Peak Bengaluru moment”.