Why has India’s concern increased regarding Bhutan and China, know why the dragon is creating this pressure

China is pressurizing Bhutan to establish diplomatic relations with itself and resolve border issues as soon as possible, so that relations between the two neighboring countries can be legalized. Bhutan’s Foreign Minister Dr. Tandi Dorjee, who arrived in Beijing to participate in the China-Bhutan border talks, met China’s Vice President Han Zheng on Tuesday. Zheng said both sides have agreed to accelerate the border demarcation process and establish diplomatic relations between the two countries. The Vice President said that China and Bhutan are friendly neighbours, although the two countries have not yet established diplomatic relations.

Stressing on establishing diplomatic relations with Bhutan, he said China always respects Bhutan’s independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity, and is willing to strengthen exchanges at all levels and fields. Earlier, Dorjee had met his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi on Monday. According to a press release issued by China’s Foreign Ministry, Wang told Dorji during this time that the restoration of diplomatic relations will serve the long-term interests of both countries.

Wang said that the conclusion of border talks and the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Bhutan will serve the long-term and fundamental interests of the two countries. He told Dorji that China is ready to take advantage of the historic opportunity to work in common direction with Bhutan to complete this important process as soon as possible and develop the friendly relations between China and Bhutan in a legal form. Wang is also a member of the powerful Politburo of China’s ruling Communist Party.

Dorjee was quoted as saying in a release that there has been a traditional friendship between Bhutan and China. He thanked China for providing strong support and assistance to Bhutan. According to the release, Dorjee said Bhutan strongly supports the ‘one-China principle’, which means that Taiwan and Tibet are part of China, and he looks forward to working with China for an early resolution of the border issue and maintaining diplomatic relations. Ready to take forward the political process of establishment.

China and Bhutan do not have diplomatic relations, but officials from both countries maintain bilateral dialogue through periodic visits. China has resolved border disputes with its 12 other neighboring countries, but India and Bhutan are two countries that have not yet signed border agreements with China.