Royal Enfield introduces new Cruiser bike on the lines of The Kitchen movie

New Delhi : ‘Ride of Pride’ in India is an important news for Royal Enfield fans. Royal Enfield introduced the concept model of a new futuristic motorcycle cruiser on the lines of the 2023 British science fiction drama film ‘The Kitchen’. The British science fiction drama film ‘The Kitchen’ recently premiered at the 2023 British Film Institute (BFI) London Film Festival. This film is directed by Kibwe Tavares and Daniel Kaluuya. Its producer is Michael Fassbender and Ken Robinson has played the lead role in it.

Royal Enfield Cruiser Design

According to a report in The Times of India, the custom-built concept of Royal Enfield’s new motorcycle shown in the film is completely new. The motorcycle features a neo-retro design with a thick ring shaped LED DRL surrounding the main LED headlamp unit. Its forks are covered with a body fairing, while the rest of the body has a minimalistic look. The tank has RE_1901 logo, which represents the year of establishment of Royal Enfield i.e. 1901.

Royal Enfield Cruiser Powertrain

However, Royal Enfield has not yet disclosed what type of powertrain has been used in the concept bike, but it is being speculated that it is probably based on the Interceptor 650. The ’47’ sticker on the tank extension indicates that the motorcycle uses the 47 hp, 647.95 cc twin-cylinder motor that is based on the Interceptor 650, Continental GT 650 as well as the Super Meteor 650. This engine is also capable of generating peak torque of 52 Nm.

The design is based on the creative guidance of British singer Tavares

Regarding this new motorcycle, Royal Enfield says that the bike has been designed by Royal Enfield design teams in both Britain and India with the creative guidance and collaborative curation of British singer Tavares. No name has been given yet for the custom-built Royal Enfield concept. It is not expected to result in any new production models. On behalf of the company, it has been said that the company is currently working on launching the new Himalayan 450, which will be available for sale in the coming weeks.