TATA will present this 90s SUV in EV avatar, 500 km mileage, full charge in 30 minutes

New Delhi : Tata Motors, a durable and affordable car manufacturing company in India, is now launching its electric version cars in the market. It is reported that Tata, which had introduced the car as SUV (Sports Utility Vehicles) in the 1990s, will now launch it in the market as an electric version car. The company is working vigorously on this. Not only this, in the coming few days Tata Motors is preparing to introduce its old models in electric version. It is reported that the domestic car manufacturer is soon going to introduce at least 5 old model cars in electric version in the Indian car market. So, let us know which old model cars Tata Motors is going to introduce in the market as electric versions.

Tata Curve EV

Domestic car manufacturer Tata is preparing to launch the electric variant of Curve in the market. This is a coupe-style SUV car. Its petrol variant was introduced by the company during the last Auto Expo. The company will also use a strong battery pack in Tata Curve. It is believed that this car will give a range of more than 500 km in a single charge. This car will be equipped with dual motor setup with all-wheel drive.

Tata Punch EV

Along with this, Tata Motors is also preparing to introduce the electric version of its best selling model Punch in the market. Tata Punch EV has been spotted testing on many different occasions. It is being told that the company can offer it in the market at a price of Rs 10 to 12 lakh. Charging socket can be provided in the front of Tata Punch Electric. If this happens, then this will be the first car of Tata Motors, in which such features will be provided.

Tata Harrier EV

Apart from this, the electric version concept model of the company’s Tata Harrier has also been introduced recently. It looks quite similar to the ICE model and in it the company can provide a battery pack of 60 kWh capacity. The company’s existing Ziptron technology will also be seen in Tata Harrier EV, which is also used in Nexon. Different driving modes and terrain response system are also provided in this SUV.

Tata Avinya EV

Tata Avinya is a pure electric vehicle concept car built on the third generation architecture. The company has prepared it in a futuristic design. The company claims that it will provide ample seating space and better facilities to the passengers. Lightweight material has been used in Avinya, which will help in giving it better range. Due to ultra fast charging technology, this car will be charged in just 30 minutes.

Tata Sierra EV

Tata Motors is also preparing to introduce its 1990s Sierra in electric version. Tata Sierra Concept was also introduced by the company during the Auto Expo. The company launched an SUV named Sierra in the 1990s, which was quite popular in its time. Sierra EV has been given a big gloss roof, which makes this SUV even more attractive. Taking forward the legacy of Tata Sierra, it has been given a gloss area, which covers both the sides and the roof to a great extent.