Israel Hamas War: Darkness continues in Gaza! People in panic after internet and phone shutdown, see horrifying pictures

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The war between Israel and Hamas has entered its 22nd day on Saturday. Meanwhile, the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) and Air Force have intensified attacks on the Gaza Strip. Heavy bombardment was seen in Gaza at midnight on Friday. Israel has shut down the Internet and other systems in the Gaza Strip. Due to this, 23 lakh people living there have lost contact with each other and the outside world.

Israel Hamas War news today

Israel has also intensified air and ground attacks on Gaza since Friday night. The Israeli army said that it is carrying forward ground operations in the area. This announcement by the army indicates that it is getting closer to a full-scale attack on Gaza. He has vowed to completely wipe out Hamas terrorists in Gaza.

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There was a continuous glow in the sky of Gaza City due to the explosion caused by Israeli air strikes. Palestine’s telecom provider Paltel said internet, cellular and landline services had been “completely disrupted” due to the bombing. Their disruption clearly means that no information will be available about the people killed in the attack and the ground action. However, some satellite phones are working in the area.

Israel Palestine Conflict today news

Let us tell you that Gaza is immersed in darkness due to lack of electricity for a week. The people of Palestine are also struggling with the problem of food and drinking water. The people of Gaza were thrown into panic when due to the sudden closure of the messaging app, their contact with their families was cut off and calls stopped coming. “I was very scared,” said Wafa Abdul Rahman, director of a women’s organization in the West Bank city of Ramallah. I have not had any conversation with my family for several hours.

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Lynn Hastings, the UN humanitarian coordinator for the occupied territories, posted on the social media platform ‘X’ that hospitals and aid operations would not be able to operate without phone and internet service. At the same time, the Red Crescent said it was unable to contact medical teams and residents were unable to call the ambulance service. International aid groups said they had been able to contact only a few workers using satellite phones.

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Israeli military spokesman Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari said ground forces in Gaza had “increased their activity” since Friday evening.

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