Israel Hamas War: There is looting in Gaza! People attack on flour and food items in relief camp

Israel Hamas War: The UN agency for Palestinians has said that thousands of people stormed relief aid warehouses in Gaza to collect ‘flour’ and other daily needs. Thomas White, director of the UN agency for Palestinian refugees in Gaza, said on Sunday that the way people raided warehouses was worrying, and indicated that civilian supplies are at risk after three weeks of war between Israel and Hamas. The system has started to collapse. Israeli tanks and infantry entered Gaza this weekend, three weeks after the war began after Hamas attacked Israel on October 7. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu simultaneously announced the ‘second phase’ of the war.

communication system down

Due to the worst ever bombing in Gaza on Friday, most of the communication system was disrupted. Due to this, 23 lakh people living in Gaza were cut off from the rest of the world, but communication was restored in most parts of Gaza early on Sunday. The Israeli army said on Sunday that it had struck more than 450 terrorist targets in the past 24 hours, including Hamas command centers, observation posts and anti-tank missile firing sites. The army said that it has sent more soldiers to Gaza in the night. This agency is known as UNRWA and it provides basic services to millions of people in Gaza. All its school buildings in the area are packed with Palestinians displaced by the conflict.

People attacked on food items

UNRWA said that Israel has allowed a limited amount of relief material to enter Gaza through the Egyptian border. Some items were kept in a warehouse, where people broke into them. Thomas White, the agency’s director in Gaza, said that the civilian supply system is beginning to collapse after three weeks of war and the tight siege of Gaza. People are scared, disappointed and desperate. Agency spokeswoman Juliet Touma said the mob attacked four warehouses on Saturday. He said there is no fuel in the warehouses, a shortage that has arisen due to the Israeli siege as all supplies have been cut off since the war began.

Israel carried out air strikes

Meanwhile, people living near Shifa Hospital, Gaza’s largest, said Israel carried out airstrikes near the hospital on Saturday night, blocking several roads leading to the hospital. At the same time, Israel has alleged that there is a secret command center of Hamas under the hospital. Thousands of people have taken shelter in Shifa Hospital and it is also filled with patients injured in the attack. Mahmoud Al Sawah, who took shelter in the hospital, said on the phone, “It is becoming increasingly difficult to reach the hospital.

The Red Crescent Rescue Service, which operates in Palestine, said another hospital in Gaza City received two calls from Israeli authorities on Sunday ordering it to evacuate. It said the airstrikes took place about 50 meters (yards) from Al-Quds Hospital, where 12,000 people are taking shelter. Israel had ordered the evacuation of the hospital more than a week ago, but the hospital administration refused to evacuate the building, saying it could lead to the death of patients on life support.