As soon as the plane reached Russia from Israel, a crowd entered the airport with slogans of Allah-hu-Akbar and…video went viral.

The war between Israel and Hamas has entered its 24th day on Monday. On one hand, Israeli Defense Force (IDF) and Air Force have intensified attacks on Gaza Strip. On the other hand, a major accident was averted at Russia’s Dagestan Airport at midnight. According to media reports, a plane from Israel reached the Russian airport, after which a frenzied crowd reached there and entered the airport with slogans of Allah-Hu-Akbar. This crowd seemed angry against Israel in the war against Hamas.

The video of the incident is going viral rapidly. It is seen in this video that the crowd was trying to target Israeli people. He was seen running in the runway. People present in the crowd were also seen climbing on top of the plane, which created chaos there. Somehow the airport and police officials closed the airport and changed the routes of flights. Within a few minutes this news spread like wildfire all over the world. According to Russian state media Izvestia and RT, several dozen people rushed to the airport and runway after reportedly being told that a person had arrived from Israel.