Honda is going to do this work to compete with Maruti, TATA and Hyundai, making a cool master plan

Tokyo/New Delhi: Japanese automobile manufacturer Honda Motor, which manufactures cars and bikes in India and sells them in the market, is making a new master plan to compete with Maruti Suzuki India, Tata Motors and Hyundai. According to media reports, as part of its futuristic development plan, Japanese company Honda is preparing to invest billions of rupees in India, the most important market in the world, to invest in segments other than the electric vehicle segment. Along with this, this automaker has also prepared a plan to rapidly introduce electric vehicles in the Indian market. Its aim is to achieve the target of zero carbon by the year 2050.

Honda will form alliance at global level

Toshihiro Mibe, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Honda Motor, during a conversation with Indian journalists at the company’s headquarters, said that at the global level, Honda is ready for alliance and collaboration with other automakers and companies, but this alliance is not limited to transport. It is important to be beneficial for everyone in the sector.

India is the world’s largest market

He said that our plan includes achieving the target of zero carbon by the year 2050. For this, we have set targets for 2030-35 and 2040 and there is no bigger market in the world for Honda than India. He said that India is a market where electric cars and two-wheelers are developing rapidly and the people here are liking them a lot.

India ranks 7th in terms of sales

While discussing about the importance of India, Toshio Kuwahara, Chairman and CEO of Asian Honda Motor Company, said that the Indian market is very important for us because of its size. It is already ranked 7th in the world for us in terms of sales. He said that apart from China, when we look at the Asia-Pacific region, India is going to prove to be the most important market in the coming days in the electrification or electric vehicles segment. He said that that is why we feel that we will have to focus specially on India.

Honda will launch 5 all-electric SUVs by 2030

Let us tell you that along with its operational restructuring in India, Honda had announced in June this year a plan to launch five new sports utility vehicles (SUVs) including its all-electric model in India by 2030. Honda has been trying to strengthen its presence in India for many years. The reason for this is that the demand for SUVs in the passenger vehicle segment in India is increasing rapidly and in this respect India is becoming the largest market for SUVs.