How To: If your car breaks down in winter, do this work immediately, know important things related to maintenance.

New Delhi : Winter season has knocked in India. In this season there is dense fog and severe cold. In such a situation, difficulties increase for car or vehicle owners. Be it winter, summer or rainy season, there is a need to take proper care of vehicles in every season, so that they remain in better condition and can enjoy a comfortable journey. Especially, cars often cheat during the winter season. Many solutions have been suggested for this also. Come, let us know the important things…

Start the engine two-three times daily

Keeping cars parked for a long time in winter can cause their battery to run down. For this, it is important that you start your car two to three times and leave it running for some time. It is important to do this for those people who drive the car less. By doing this the car battery will remain charged and you will not have to face starting problems.

Get your car serviced on time

The car should be serviced before the onset of winter. Because during service, every minor defect gets detected and can be rectified before it becomes big. The engine takes time to warm up during cold weather. This increases the load on the engine when the car starts. If the car is serviced on time, the oil will be new and this will reduce the load on the engine.

keep checking the car lights

In winter season the light reduces when the sun sets. Therefore, it is important for your car’s lights to be in good condition for driving. Sometimes due to fog, the driver needs lights even during the day. Keeping your vehicle’s lights on during dense fog lets the driver of another vehicle know of your presence on the road and it is the lights that make your vehicle aware of your presence on the road. In such a situation, all the lights of your car should remain in good condition. Therefore, you should always keep checking the lights of your car. If necessary, the lights should also be replaced.

check car battery

Battery is one of the most essential components of any vehicle. Without this, your car’s engine cannot start easily. In the winter season, due to the car being parked for a long time, the battery also goes down, due to which the electricity is not able to reach the engine properly. In such a situation, it is very important to get the car battery checked before starting the journey. Especially, it is even more important to do this before a long distance journey.

Change Engine Oil and Coolant

Along with this, you should also change the engine oil and coolant of your car. Generally, it is suggested to car owners that using light engine oil in the winter season will keep the condition of your car in good condition. For this, read the book provided with the car and change the engine oil and coolant of the car as per the suggestions given by the car manufacturer.

Change windshield wiper

The role of windshield wipers is important during fog during winter season and rain during monsoon season. These are such devices which do not last long. If your car’s windshield wiper is not working properly or its rubber is worn out, then it should be replaced as soon as winter begins. This will be convenient for you.

Check tire air pressure

Tires are the first point of contact between the car and the ground. These require regular maintenance. Their regular care is very important, especially during the winter season. Tire air pressure should be checked from time to time during winter season. Apart from this, if the tires of your car are damaged, they should be replaced as they get damaged more during the rainy season.

check brakes

During winter season, cold and fog falling from the sky makes the road slippery. In such a situation, the possibility of an accident is high. If the brakes of your car are better, then you will not have any problem in driving the car. If any defect is found in the brake pad and disc, it should be replaced.