Mansi Tata takes charge of Toyota and Kirloskar in India, know what is her relation with Tata Group

New Delhi : Japanese car manufacturer Toyota Motor. Kirloskar sells the cars of this company in India. Kirloskar Motors Private Limited is a 130 year old company, which is headed by Mansi Tata. After the demise of Kirloskar Chairman Vikram Kirloskar in November 2022 this year, Mansi Tata has been appointed the chairperson of the group company Kirloskar Systems and Kirloskar Joint Venture Private Limited. After this, the command of Toyota Engine India Limited (TIEI) including Kirloskar Toyota Textile Private Limited (KTTM), Toyota Material Handling India Private Limited (TMHIN) and Deno Kirloskar Industries Private Limited (DNKI) was also handed over to Mansi Tata. The biggest thing is that Kirloskar Group chairperson Mansi Tata also has a deep connection with India’s leading and domestic conglomerate Tata Group. Come, let us know about Mansi Tata.

According to media reports, Mansi Tata was on the board of Toyota Kirloskar Motors Private Limited before the death of her father Vikram Kirloskar, but after her father’s death, she was appointed its Vice President. Kirloskar has a joint venture with Toyota, due to which cars like Fortuner and Innova could be brought to India. This company handles the production and sales of Toyota in India. Its command in India is also with Mansi Tata.

What is Mansi Kirloskar’s relation with Tata Group?

For about 32 years, Mansi Kirloskar completed her graduation from Rhode Island School of Design, America. After completing his studies, he started helping his father Vikram Kirloskar Company. In the year 2019, she got married to Neville Tata, son of Noel Tata, younger brother of Ratan Tata, honorary chairman of Tata Group. Because of this, Vikram Kirloskar’s daughter Mansi got associated with Tata Group and she became Mansi Tata from Mansi Kirloskar. It is said that despite being the daughter-in-law of the Tata family, Mansi lives a very simple life and stays away from the media as much as possible.

What does Mansi Tata’s father-in-law do?

Tata Group Chairman Emeritus Ratan Tata’s younger brother Noel Tata leads Trent Limited. Novil has studied at Bayes Business School. He has work experience in retail chain Trent Limited. Novil is responsible for hyperlocal food management. Tata’s company looks after brands like Westside, Star Bazaar and Landmark Stores.

Mansi’s husband stays away from social media

Neville Tata lives a very simple life like his father Noel Tata and uncle Ratan Tata. They stay away from cameras and social media. Neville works for the food vertical of Tata Trent Brands. Mansi, who belongs to a big business family like Kirloskar and Tata, respects the families of both her father and husband. Mansi also follows his ideals and stays away from ostentation. She is not very active even on social media. The daughter-in-law of the Tata family, like her husband, keeps herself away from the cameras.

Mansi Tata is the daughter of Vikram Kirloskar.

Vikram is credited with bringing Toyota car company to India. He partnered with Toyota in 1997. Kirloskar Group has about 11 percent stake in this joint venture. Vikram Kirloskar’s grandfather SL Kirloskar had laid the foundation of this group. Vikram had a degree in mechanical engineering. He studied at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, considered the world’s top engineering college.

How many companies of Kirloskar Group in India?

There are many other companies of Kirloskar Group, of which the flagship company is Kirloskar Brothers. Vikram Kirloskar died on 29 November 2022. He was the Vice Chairman of Toyota Kirloskar Motors at that time, who is now his daughter Mansi Tata. Other companies of this group include Kirloskar Brothers, Kirloskar Industries Limited, Kirloskar Ferrum Industries Limited, Kirloskar Oil Engines Limited, Kirloskar Pneumatic Company Limited, Kirloskar Electric Limited, Envir and Electrodyne Limited etc.