Vegan diet is effective in weight loss

Vegans use only plant based products in their food. That is, in this type of diet, people completely stop using products made from animal products like eggs and meat, along with products like cheese, ghee, butter and honey. Taking this diet is definitely beneficial in many cases, but caution is also necessary while following it. If you think that after adopting veganism the taste will disappear from your food then it is not so. Many alternatives to animal products are available in vegan diet. Yes, to compensate for the lack of protein in the diet, there is a need to increase the quantity of pulses.

Benefits of this diet

Vegan diet is rich in antioxidant properties. This diet is completely cholesterol free, which also reduces the risk of heart disease. Besides, it also helps in weight loss.

what are the disadvantages

Due to completely stopping the intake of animal products, the body does not get many types of nutrients in sufficient quantity. To compensate for this deficiency, supplements may have to be taken.

How is it helpful in weight loss?

This diet contains plenty of fiber, which keeps the digestive system strong. This also keeps your stomach full for a long time and you do not feel hungry again and again. There is almost no saturated fat in it. Green leafy vegetables, whole grains, fruits and beans fill your stomach quickly.

There are three types of vegan diets

Whole Wheat Vegan Diet: Vegetables, pulses and nuts are included.

Raw Food Vegan Diet: It consists of raw fruits, vegetables or any plant based food items.

Thrive Diet: Whole Wheat and Raw Food