Look brother, the world’s first electric flying cart has arrived! Take it out on the roof, go to office, take a walk, it doesn’t matter

New Delhi : In your childhood, you must have often seen yourself flying in your night dreams. Or you might have heard or seen the name of Udankhatola or flying mat in TV serials like Ramayana-Mahabharata or Alif-Laila. This is also no less than a dream. But, all these things of dreams are now going to take shape. Now you will be able to fly in a kite not in night dreams but in reality. It doesn’t matter whether you go to office or come home from office or go for a walk. The biggest thing is that it does not require petrol, diesel or propellant, because it is completely electric.

Who made the world’s first air taxi?

According to media reports, a Chinese company has successfully tested the world’s first flying taxi. He has also got the certificate. The biggest thing is that the world’s first air taxi is completely electric, so you will not even need fuel. It will run without a driver and can be landed anywhere. Even your rooftop will be able to take off from the park. This is being described as very revolutionary. It is perfect for metros like Bengaluru-Delhi because it can take you from home to office in a few minutes. In the beginning it may have seemed like a dream to you, but it has actually happened.

what is the name of electric air taxi

According to the report of New York Post, Chinese company Ehang has launched this air taxi named EH 216-S. It can carry 2 passengers at a time. Can carry 600 pounds i.e. 275 kg luggage. The special thing is that it is driverless. That means there will be only two passengers sitting in it. It is run by 16 electric routers and can fly at a speed of 128 kilometers per hour. Once charged it can go up to 30 kilometers. The company is preparing to increase it to 200 kilometers. After this this air taxi will become very beneficial for the people.

Is it an electric air taxi?

This air taxi is controlled by a centralized command and control centre. From there it is controlled regarding flight path, weather and other things. If the passengers sitting inside wish, they can select their destination i.e. where they want to deboard from the touchscreen present there. They will not need to pilot the aircraft because it will be completely controlled by the command unit. A beautiful view of the city can be seen from the top.

no runway needed

The most important thing is that these air taxis will not need a runway to take off. It can take off from any normal rooftop, parking place or park. Can land there. They also do not cause pollution because air taxis run on electricity. They can be fully charged in just 2 hours. They don’t even make any noise. The battery backup in EH 216-S air taxis is quite strong and can be replaced in a few minutes. There are also emergency landing systems and parachutes in case of any malfunction.