bh series if you buy car with bharat series registration number hten get big benefit know what is process vwt

BH-Series: While buying a car, many people pay special attention to its number, while many people spend thousands of rupees to get a VIP number. but nowadays india series There is a lot of discussion about the number plate. People who earlier used to run to get VIP number plate, now they bharat series number plate Want to get. The Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has also given permission to change the registration of old vehicles to Bharat Series numbers. This step has been taken to expand the scope of the India Series. However, before this, Bharat series number plates were issued only for new vehicles. On behalf of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, it has been said that during the implementation of Bharat Series Registration Rules, many types of suggestions were received to strengthen it, after which the department has taken a decision in this regard. But, let us also tell you that not everyone can get Bharat series number plates for their vehicles. For this, the government has authorized only some special people, who can get number plates of this series. However, there are many benefits of getting number plates of this series. Come, let us know who can get Bharat series number plate. What are its benefits and application process?