You will be shocked to know the price of Alto in Pakistan, a luxurious house can be built in India for this much money

New Delhi : The plight of Pakistan’s economy is not hidden from anyone. Pakistani rupee is continuously falling into the trough. Global financial institutions are not ready to give loans to it. Due to fall in rupee, imports are not happening, due to which the production of goods is also declining and the cost is increasing significantly. The effect of deteriorating economic condition is also visible in the automobile sector here. Due to the stoppage of import of spare parts used in the manufacturing of vehicles, the manufacturing cost of vehicles and their prices in the market have increased significantly. Many companies like Honda, Suzuki have started winding down their businesses. This is the reason why car prices are also skyrocketing in Pakistan. You will be surprised to know that Maruti Suzuki’s Alto car, which is sold for around Rs 5 lakh in India, is being sold for around Rs 29.35 lakh in Pakistan.

Price of four models of Alto in Pakistan

According to, Suzuki’s Alto car is sold in Pakistan in a total of four variants, which include Suzuki Alto VX, VXR, VXR AGS and VXL AGS. Now if we talk about the prices of these models, then Alto VX is sold in Pakistan for 22.51 lakh Pakistani rupees. Apart from this, the price of Alto VXR is priced at Rs 26.12 lakh, VXR AGS is priced at Rs 27.99 lakh and VXL AGS is priced at Rs 29.35 lakh. The surprising thing is that cars are being sold at such prices without any accessories.

wagon r price in pakistan

Talking about Wagon R, the second car of Maruti Suzuki sold in Pakistan, it is also being sold at very high prices. This car is sold here in three variants. In Pakistan, Wagon R VXR is being sold for Rs 32.14 lakh, while the price of Wagon R VXL here is Rs 34.12 lakh. Whereas, Wagon R VXL AGS is available for Rs 37.41 lakh. There are no accessories included in both these cars.

Flat can be easily bought in India

A nice flat or a luxurious house can be bought in India for the same amount of money that cars are being sold for in Pakistan. A flat can be bought in Delhi-NCR at this price. In this time, 2 new Scorpio or 1 Fortuner may come. The value of Pakistan’s Rs 29 lakh will be slightly more than India’s Rs 8.50 lakh.