Thieves steal this part of Royal Enfield Bullet very fast, even police gets cheated, see PHOTO

New Delhi : If you have a Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle, then you should be careful. The reason for this is that thieves always keep an eye on the bullet. Although thieves who steal cars can steal any car, but Bullet is considered a ‘ride of pride’ in India. Therefore, thieves keep a closer eye on it. The biggest thing is that thieves keep a special eye on its special parts. The reason for this is said to be that each of its parts is very strong, durable and valuable. Even thieves steal its parts so fast that sometimes even the police gets dodged. It is also said that thieves steal its battery faster than the blink of an eye.

According to a media report, the battery of Royal Enfield Bullet is easily stolen. It doesn’t take them much time to fly it. This is why bullet batteries are the target of thieves. It is also said in the report that the battery of Bullet is more durable and stronger.

There is also news that thieves steal bullet batteries so fast that sometimes even the police gets dodged. A video of this is going viral on social media. It is quite easy to open the battery panel in Royal Enfield Bullet. It opens quickly with any key. That’s why thieves steal it easily.

It has also been told in the report that the battery becomes visible as soon as the panel of Royal Enfield Bullet is opened. The battery is held in the panel with a wide rubber band, which opens easily. It is also said that once the panel is opened, even a child can easily remove it. Let us tell you that the lock of the battery panel of Bullet is made of plastic. Its lock breaks as soon as it is pushed hard.

The report also mentions a solution to protect Royal Enfield Bullet’s battery from theft. It is being told that if you want to save the battery of your Bullet, then weld it with an iron strip and tighten it with a bolt. By doing this it will not be easy to open it and by doing this your Bullet’s battery will be saved from being stolen. Even if the plastic lock installed in the battery panel gets broken due to welding, thieves will not be able to open it easily.