There will be no crime in Jamshedpur now! Is the police making this special action plan regarding the number plates of vehicles?

Jamshedpur Police Will implement the new rules by holding a meeting with vehicle number plate shops. Under these rules, vehicle owners number plate Before registering, the shopkeeper will have to provide his Registration Certificate (RC) book, a photocopy of his identity card and contact number. Shopkeepers will enter these details in their registers and create a comprehensive database.

SSP Kishore Kaushal gave instructions to the police station in-charge

District Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Kishore Kaushal has directed all police station in-charges to collect information about shopkeepers who register vehicle numbers. After this, the police will hold a meeting with these shopkeepers and prepare a strategy.

Statement of SSP Kishore Kaushal Kishore

SSP Kishore Kaushal said that shopkeepers will be instructed to maintain a register containing necessary information about the persons registering vehicle numbers. This register will include data about the vehicle’s RC, the person registering the number, their contact number and a copy of their identity card. Law enforcement officials will review these registers from time to time. This proactive approach is expected to contribute to the reduction of criminal activities in the city.

Efforts to stop criminal activities

The SSP further said that criminals often change the number plates of vehicles used in criminal activities. These number plates are usually made in such shops. At present, shopkeepers often forge vehicle number plates without verifying the authenticity of the RC. The purpose of this new system is to provide law enforcement with essential information about these vehicles, which can help in catching criminals. Similar vehicles are often used in various crimes, including snatching incidents.

Number plate making shops will be verified

The process of verification of number plate making shops in the city is going to start soon. Additionally, SSP Kishore Kaushal stressed that there are many shops specializing in vehicle modification in the city. Under the Motor Vehicles (MV) Act, people involved in vehicle modification can be fined Rs 5,000 to Rs 1 lakh. The police will take action against these shops and are assessing the number of modification shops operating in the city.