Honda’s first electric bicycle has arrived, mileage of 150km in a single charge and price?

New Delhi : Not only in India, the demand for electric vehicles has increased significantly all over the world. People are looking at electric vehicles as an alternative to vehicles running on petrol and diesel. Keeping in view the inclination and demand of the people, vehicle manufacturing companies are also launching various types of products in the market. In this connection, Japanese automobile manufacturer Honda Motors has surprised everyone by launching its electric bicycle at the Japan Mobility Shop. Although, this company is till now famous for manufacturing and selling cars and motorcycles, but now it has also entered the electric bicycle segment. It has introduced the concept model of its first electric bicycle, Honda e-MTB, at the Japan Mobility Show. This is the first time that Honda has presented the concept model of any of its products to the world.

Honda eMTB electric bicycle design

The look of Honda eMTB electric bicycle is very attractive. Apart from this, if we talk about its design, the company has used special features and technology in this electric bicycle. The design of Honda eMTB electric bicycle is quite different from traditional bicycles. In this, the front and rear portions of the bicycle are attached to a single frame made of heavy metal. The battery has also been given space in its single frame. It looks a lot like a downhill mountain bike. It is being told that Honda has used Bros mid-drive electric motor in it and its frame is made of aluminium. Which provides better strength while keeping the bicycle lightweight.

Powerful motor and battery of Honda eMTB electric bicycle

Honda Motor has combined its battery with a large lithium iron pack, which is capable of delivering 36V power. The motor of this electric bicycle is made on the basis of BLDC technology, which is capable of generating a power of 250 watts. Its battery gets fully charged in 3 hours and gives a mileage of about 150 kilometers when fully charged.

Honda eMTB electric bicycle mileage

Talking about the mileage of Honda eMTB electric bicycle, it is being claimed that this bicycle gives a mileage of about 150 kilometers once fully charged. Along with this, this cycle is capable of giving this range in a single charge. The top speed of this bicycle is said to be more than 65 kilometers per hour.

honda emtb electric bicycle price

Talking about the price of Honda eMTB electric bicycle, its estimated price when launched in India can go up to around Rs 30,000. The biggest thing is also being told that customers can buy this bicycle with a down payment of Rs 2000. Loan facility can also be provided by the company to purchase it.