Tea garden owner did amazing, gifted Royal Enfield to the employees on Diwali

Coimbatore: This year Diwali will be celebrated on 12 November 2023. Before this, thousands of rupees are being given as bonus by the private and government companies of the country to their respective employees. Railways has given a gift to its employees before Diwali by increasing the dearness allowance. But, instead of paying cash as bonus to his employees this Diwali, a tea garden owner in Kotagiri, Tamil Nadu has gifted a Royal Enfield motorcycle worth Rs 2 lakh to his employees. Apart from this, he has also surprised people by gifting LCD TV and cash to some of his employees. After this, this news is becoming quite viral on social media and people are praising the owner of the tea garden.

627 employees work

According to media reports, 42 year old P Shivakumar, the tea garden owner who gifted Royal Enfield as a bonus on Diwali, is a resident of Vanjipalayam, Tiruppur, Tamil Nadu. It is being told in the report that P Shivakumar has a tea garden of about 190 acres. He owns about 315 acres of property in Kotagiri. Out of such a large area, he cultivates tea on 190 acres. Apart from this, there is also a vegetable and flower garden on some part of it. About 627 employees have been working in these three gardens for the last 20 years.

Shivkumar considers employees as part of his family

Apart from this, P Shivakumar also handles the management of his father’s textile manufacturing companies. He lives with his wife Dharanya and son Dhanwant (13). If sources are to be believed, Shivkumar had started the tea farming business with 60 acres of land. They consider the contribution of their employees important in their own development. They consider them part of their family. He has been gifting home appliances and cash as bonus to all his employees on the occasion of Diwali for the last five years.

Royal Enfield gives bonus gift to 15 employees

According to media reports, this year he bought a Royal Enfield bike worth Rs 2 lakh each as a Diwali gift for his 15 employees. It has been told in the report that the 15 employees to whom he has gifted expensive motorcycles include company managers, supervisors, storekeepers, cashiers, field staff and drivers etc. The biggest thing is that after P Shivakumar handed over the keys of his new bike to his employees, he also went for a walk with them. While talking to the media, the employees who received Royal Enfield as gift told that the owner gifted about 15 Royal Enfield bikes as per their choice. He said that I believe that this is no less than a dream. We are blessed by their work and the teamwork that we have accomplished.

LCD TV and 18 percent bonus as gift to employees

Tea garden owner P Shivakumar said that I have gifted Royal Enfield to 15 of my employees. Along with this, other employees of the company have been given 18 percent bonus along with LCD TV. He said that his employees wanted to enroll their children in an English medium school. Therefore, he has also appointed two English teachers in the primary school of Nedugula Panchayat near his tea garden. They have been paying him salary for the last three years. Once this school was on the verge of closure, but now about 320 children are studying in it. Of these, about 80 children are of the employees working in his plantation. Apart from this, Shivakumar also runs a pharmacy, where medicines are provided free of cost to his employees.