Canada is not taking Pannu’s threat lightly! The video is being investigated

Tension continues between Canada and India. Meanwhile, Sikh for Justice i.e. SFJ has issued a threat which has been taken seriously by Canada. Canada has informed India that work has been done to increase the security of Air India flights to and from the country’s airports. The legal agencies have said that the matter is being investigated. This threat is being taken seriously. This news has been published prominently by Hindustan Times. Let us tell you that this statement from Canada has come at a time when India has been threatened by the separatist organization Sikh for Justice (SFJ) by posting a video. In the video, SFJ General Counsel Gurpatwant Pannu had warned Sikhs in Punjabi and said not to fly by Air India after November 19…your life may be in danger. In a statement released along with the video, Pannu had announced an airline blockade from Vancouver to London. However, in a statement last Thursday, Pannu said he was talking about boycotting the airline. No threat has been given by him.

A senior Indian official confirmed that the Canadian government has responded to the request to increase security on Air India flights. A spokesperson for Canadian Transport Minister Pablo Rodriguez told the Globe and Mail outlet that the Canadian government is taking the plane threat seriously. The threat posed by the video that is going viral online is being investigated. Meanwhile, outlet Toronto Star reported that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, or RCMP, is investigating the threat. The spokesperson said the RCMP takes all national security threats seriously. It even investigates online threats thoroughly. Let us tell you that the statement of India’s High Commissioner in Ottawa, Sanjay Kumar Verma, came after the release of the video in which he had said that what Pannu has said needs to be taken seriously. The act committed by him comes under the category of punishable offence. Canada should take cognizance of the matter.

Old memories become fresh in people’s minds

Meanwhile, the news that is in the headlines in the media about Pannu is her latest statement… Actually, it has been said from her side that there is no talk of violence in any way in the video. There is no danger to anyone from my video. The RCMP has full authority to investigate terrorist threats. From my side I have only talked about boycotting Air India. There is nothing more than this. It should be noted that Air India runs several weekly flights between Canadian cities of Toronto and Vancouver to New Delhi which are directly connected. Talking about targeting Air India brought memories of old days fresh in people’s minds. The date was 23 June 1985, when the Air India flight was coming from Canada to India via London. Then all 329 passengers were killed when a bomb exploded in flight in Irish airspace.

This incident shook the whole world. This day is celebrated as National Day of Remembrance for Victims in Canada. However, the terrorist group is still seen respecting Talwinder Singh Parmar, the person considered to be the mastermind of the attack.