Worship your car like this on Dhanteras-Diwali, know the auspicious time, worship method and mantra.

New Delhi : Vehicle manufacturing companies have started delivering vehicles for Dhanteras-Diwali. The festival of Dhanteras is celebrated two days before Diwali on the Trayodashi date of Krishna Paksha of Kartik month. Today, on 10 November 2023, Dhanteras is being celebrated across the country. In India, buying gold and silver, electronics goods, new cars and scooters etc. on the day of Dhanteras is considered auspicious. Buying a new vehicle on this day has special significance, but worshiping it after purchasing the vehicle is even more important. Come, let us know about the auspicious time for purchasing vehicles, puja method and puja mantra…

buy cars in chara lagna

Buying a vehicle in Chara ascendant on the day of Dhanteras is considered very auspicious. Char lagna are Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury and Jupiter. On this day i.e. 10th November, there is Chara Lagna from 2:57 pm to 4:35 pm and from 10 am to 11:58 pm. Therefore, it would be auspicious to buy a new car during these times. Shopping should be done only during the auspicious time on the day of Dhanteras, only then will you get auspicious results. Therefore, plan to buy a new car during these times. The car purchased on the day of Dhanteras must be worshipped. Due to this, Goddess Lakshmi resides in the vehicle and the speed of the vehicle increases. After buying a car on the day of Dhanteras, tie a yellow cloth in it. Yellow color is a symbol of auspiciousness and prosperity. While buying a vehicle on Dhanteras, remember not to buy any new vehicle during Rahukaal. A car purchased during Rahukaal may cause accidents or other problems.

Why is it important to worship vehicles

Astrologer Pandit Nagendra Pandey told that if you buy a new vehicle, then it must be worshipped. The new vehicle should be driven only after worshiping it. If you do this then it is considered auspicious. For the worship of the vehicle, buy camphor, coconut, flower garland, water urn, jaggery or sweets, Kalava, vermillion and ghee mixed materials. Before a new vehicle enters the house, sprinkle Ganga water three times with a mango leaf. If there is no Ganga water in the house, then use fresh water. After spraying water, make Swastika on the vehicle with vermilion and ghee.

Vehicle worship method and mantra

  • On the day of Dhanteras or Diwali, the worship of the vehicle should be done by the lady of the house or a priest.

  • First of all, wash your vehicle thoroughly and park it at a clean place.

  • Now make a Swastika on your vehicle with vermilion mixed with sandalwood or ghee.

  • Before starting the puja, first do Aachman 3 times.

  • After Aachman, take a resolution by keeping Kush, Akshat, flowers and water in your hand.

  • While taking the resolution, chant the date, year, year, clan, clan and your own name in the mantra.

  • Meditate on Lord Ganesha, invoke him by praying and worship him first.

  • Lord Hanuman and Mother Kali are believed to reside in the vehicle. Besides, Goddess Lakshmi is also worshiped at the time of Vahan Puja.

  • At some places, Lord Vishwakarma is also worshiped during Vahan Puja.

  • During the puja, first of all sprinkle your vehicle with water from a pot or betel leaf and purify it.

  • Along with this, chant the mantras Om Mahakali Namah, Om Ramchandraya Namah and Om Bhairavaya Namah.

  • After taking bath, apply Tilak to the vehicle and while chanting Om Mahakali Namah, Om Ramdutaya Namah and Om Bhairavaya Namah, also chant Chandanam Samarpayami.

  • Now offer Akhat to the Gods and Goddesses who own the vehicle.

  • After offering Akshat, offer clothes to the Gods.

  • To offer clothes, tie a Moli thread on the handle of your vehicle, wrapping it 7 times.

  • While wrapping Mauli, keep remembering Lord Ganesha and your family deities.

  • Now offer a garland to your vehicle.

  • Tie the garland in such a way that it does not cause any problem in driving the vehicle.

  • While offering garland, you should remember Lord Ganesha and the deities of the house.

  • After garlanding, dedicate your vehicle with fragrant flowers.

  • Now to perform Aarti, light incense and lamp in the puja thali.

  • Now perform Aarti by burning camphor in the sun.

  • After completion of the Aarti, offer banana and lemon to God as a sacrifice.

  • To offer lemon, keep the lemon standing in front of the first tire of your vehicle and place a banana in front of it.

  • Now place a lemon standing in front of the rear tire in the same manner and place a banana in front of it.

  • To protect your vehicle from prying eyes, place camphor on the top of a coconut and rotate it around your vehicle 7 times.

  • Now remember the name of God and break a coconut in front of the vehicle.

  • Apply vermillion thoroughly inside the broken coconut.

  • After applying vermilion, add yellow mustard to it.

  • Now take this coconut in your hand and do 7 revolutions.

  • While doing parikrama, chant the mantras Om Mahakali Namah, Om Ramdutaya Namah and Om Bhairavaya Namah.

  • After this pray to all the gods

  • Now you drive your vehicle and burst the lemons.