Amazing AI! Jet engine installed in Maruti Swift and tank in Mahindra Thar, see PHOTO

New Delhi : The year 2023 will be recorded in history as the Artificial Intelligence (AI) revolution. In the last few months, AI tools have established their dominance across the world and are helping millions of people in creating content. This content may be text, photo or video. Overall, you can say that AI is helping creative people around the world. According to a report by Car Talk, recently, some pictures of popular vehicles of India have also been prepared with the help of AI. In these pictures, AI tool fitted a jet engine in Maruti Swift and a tank in Mahindra Thar as per the Indian roads. Come, let’s see the wonders of AI tool…

Maruti Swift with jet engine

Car Talk report says that the picture of India’s most popular hatchback car Maruti Suzuki Swift was prepared through AI tools, while the AI ​​tool created the Maruti Swift with jet engine. Actually, the AI ​​tool was asked to prepare Maruti Swift with jet engine. The engine of Maruti Swift with AI tool is so big that it comes out of the roof and doors of the car. Apart from this, Swift has been made attractive like custom alloy wheels and body kit.

superman in autorickshaw

Not only this, the AI ​​tool was asked to create a picture of the DC character of the world’s favorite superhero. He was asked what would happen when the popular Superman comes to India? It was imagined that when Superman comes to India, he will not be saving anyone, but will help people by riding in an auto rickshaw. In such a situation, the AI ​​tool in its picture showed Superman riding in an autorickshaw and escaping from the cold.

Ambassador flying over Taj Mahal

The report said that along with this, it was imagined to present two famous things together in front of the AI ​​tool. For this, Taj Mahal of Agra was placed in front of it and Hindustan Motors’ sedan car Ambassador was placed second. The result was that the Ambassador car started flying over the Taj Mahal through AI tool. Gray Ambassador and the glowing white Taj Mahal flying over the road at night with glittering clouds.

Tank installed in Mahindra Thar

Mahindra’s off-roading SUV Thar is very popular in India at present. In front of the AI ​​tool, it was imagined that Thar is Mahindra’s off-roader. Now, what is that thing which can go anywhere and in any area? The AI ​​tool presented a picture of a Mahindra Thar fitted with a military tank, which is capable of going anywhere under any circumstances.