Honda is going to bring a new electric scooter with swappable battery, 100 km range on full charge.

Honda SC-e Electric Scooter : Electric vehicles are currently in vogue all over the world. Battery operated electric vehicles are being seen as an alternative to petrol and diesel operated vehicles. Firstly, this reduces pollution, secondly it saves money spent on petrol and diesel. Vehicle manufacturing companies all over the world including India are presenting multiple electric vehicles to the customers. In this connection, Japanese automobile manufacturer Honda Motor Company is going to launch a new electric scooter with swappable battery. The company has named it Honda SC E, which has been displayed at the Japan Mobility Show.

Honda SC E may be launched in 2024

It is being said in media reports that Honda’s new electric scooter Honda SC E is expected to be launched next year in 2024. The company has claimed that this electric scooter will give a mileage of at least 100 kilometers on a single charge. It has been provided with 12-inch tires by the company. Along with this, electric scooter Bluetooth connectivity is also expected to be added as smart features.

honda sc e price

However, no information has been given by Honda Motors yet about the prices of Honda SC E electric scooter. But, it is being said that its price will be revealed only at the time of launching next year. The report says that this is a new addition to Honda’s growing electric mobility lineup, which is equipped with powerful specifications and smart features. This electric scooter is expected to have a modern design.

Features of Honda SC E

The report states that the Honda SC E is expected to get a sleek and modern design with a full-width LED light bar at the front, which also includes an illuminated Honda logo. It can also get a single, large seat with foldable pillion-foot pegs and scooter built-in pillion-grab handle. Apart from this, this electric scooter can also be equipped with blue colored accent floorboard, handlebar, motor, tail section and front lighting panel.

battery pack of honda sc e

Honda SC E electric scooter is much larger in size than the company’s EM 1E. It has two removable and swappable battery packs. These 1.3 kilowatt battery packs are provided in the back of the seat. The company is claiming that its new electric scooter can give a mileage of at least 100 kilometers on a single charge. It can be provided with front disc brake, rear drum brake, rear mono shock and telescopic front forks for a safe and comfortable ride. It can come with 12 inch tyres. This electric scooter is also expected to include Bluetooth connectivity. However, the digital instrument cluster was not shown in the concept model at the Japan Mobility Show.