There is darkness in Gaza’s main hospital, five patients including a newborn died, know why IDF has surrounded the hospital.

Israel Hama War: Israeli troops have cordoned off Gaza’s largest hospital and doctors say five patients, including a premature baby, have died after the last generator there ran out of fuel. Portraying it as the main command post of Hamas, it said the militants were using civilians there as human shields and had built bunkers beneath it. In recent days, fighting has intensified near Shifa and other hospitals in the northern Gaza war zone and essential supplies have dried up. “There is no electricity,” Shifa director Mohammed Abu Selmiya said, speaking over the phone amid the sounds of gunfire and explosions. Medical equipment has stopped. Patients, especially those in intensive care, have started dying.

IDF has stopped the movement- Abu Selmiya

Mohammed Abu Selmiya, director of Shifa Hospital, said Israeli soldiers were shooting at anyone outside or inside the hospital, and had blocked movement between buildings in the complex. This claim that the firing was being done only by Israeli soldiers could not be independently verified. When asked about information about the firing by soldiers in the Shifa courtyard, Israeli military spokesman Peter Lerner would only say that the soldiers are engaged in intense fighting against Hamas around the area in question. He said that the army takes all possible measures to prevent harm to civilians. Health Ministry spokesman Medhat Abbas said that five patients, including a premature baby, died due to the generator shutdown. He said that a total of 37 premature babies have been taken care of in Shifa.

Israel is opening the main southbound road for several hours each day to allow citizens to evacuate. On Saturday, the army for the first time announced a brief pause in fighting to facilitate the evacuation. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that Hamas is responsible for any harm caused to civilians. He reiterated long-standing allegations that the terrorist group uses civilians in Gaza as human shields. He said Israel has urged civilians to leave the war zone and that Hamas is doing everything possible to prevent them from leaving. Netanyahu’s statement came after French President Emmanuel Macron pressed for a ceasefire and urged other leaders to join his call.

Israel is continuously attacking

Let us tell you, at least 1,200 people were killed in the deadly attack by Hamas on Israel on October 7. After this attack, Israel’s allies defended the country’s right to security. However, as the war now enters its second month, divisions are growing over how many people feel Israel should conduct its war. America is insisting on a temporary pause in the war, so that much-needed assistance can be provided to the civilians in the surrounded area. However, Israel has so far agreed only to a limited period of time each day during which civilians can leave the ground war zone in northern Gaza and head south on foot.

Since it was first announced a week ago, more than 150,000 civilians have fled the north, according to UN monitors. On Saturday, the army announced a new evacuation, saying civilians could use the central road and the coastal road. There are still thousands of people in northern Gaza, many of whom are sheltering in hospitals and overcrowded UN facilities. Health Ministry spokesman Abbas told satellite television channel Al Jazeera that there were still 1,500 patients as well as 1,500 medical workers in Shifa and 15,000 to 20,000 people were taking shelter.