In this state with a population of 13 crores, 95 percent of the population does not have a car or bike! Know what is the reason?

The state of vehicle ownership in India is a complex and multidimensional problem. It is influenced by social, economic, geographical and political factors. Bihar is a state where the situation of vehicle ownership is very bad. Here 95 percent population He neither has a car nor a bike.

12.48 crore people do not have any kind of vehicle

Recently, caste survey in Bihar made a lot of headlines and some information also came out from this survey. Out of Bihar’s population of 13.07 crore, only 0.11% people own a car. That means only 5.72 lakh people drive cars in the state. Whereas only 49.68 lakh people have two-wheelers like bikes or scooters. Out of the population of 13.07 crore in Bihar, 12.48 crore people do not have any kind of vehicle. The report also states that out of 2.01 crore people belonging to the general caste, only 11.99 lakh people have vehicles.

Only one in 12 households in India owns a car.

The situation of vehicle ownership in India is much worse than other countries of the world. Last year, in a survey by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, it was found that only one out of 12 households in India has a car. Goa leads the country in terms of car ownership per household. If we look at it, the ranking of Indian people is better in owning two-wheelers. On an average, 50 percent of the families in India have two-wheelers like bike, scooter or bicycle.

Many reasons for lack of vehicle ownership in Bihar

There are many reasons for the lack of vehicle ownership in Bihar. One of these reasons is that Bihar is a poor state. Bihar’s per capita income is lower than India’s average. In such a situation, it is difficult for people to buy a car or bike.

The second reason is that Bihar has a good network of public transport. Buses, trucks, autorickshaws and other means of public transport are easily available in Bihar. In such a situation, people do not need a car or bike.

The third reason is that the condition of roads in Bihar is bad. Many roads in Bihar are broken and bad. In such a situation, driving a car or bike can be difficult and dangerous.