World Pneumonia Day: Pneumonia is more common in small children, know what are the symptoms and how to prevent it

Pneumonia is a type of infection related to the lungs, which can badly affect both the lungs. It is caused by bacteria, virus or fungus. This causes difficulty in breathing. If timely treatment is not provided, the child may even die. City pediatrician Dr RK Aggarwal said that children aged between zero and five years are most affected by pneumonia. After that the elderly become vulnerable to it. The number of pneumonia patients increases in winter. He said that many children are still dying due to pneumonia in the country. In view of this, both children and elderly need to avoid this. He said that due to weak immunity of children, they are more at risk. He told that if 50 children come to the hospitals for treatment of cold and cough, then three to four children are affected by pneumonia. He said that Pneumococcal Vaccine (PCV) vaccine is available in the market to protect children from pneumonia. There is a need to get this done for children. This can save the child to a great extent. He said that serious patients of pneumonia even die.

symptoms of pneumonia

cough with mucusfever, chills, difficulty breathing, rapid breathing or wheezing, vomiting, difficulty eating food