This new electric car of Hyundai is coming to remind Land Rover, showcased in Los Angeles Auto Show

Hyundai Santa FE Plug-in Hybrid Car : Along with electric cars, there are also big luxury hybrid SUV cars in the lineup of car manufacturers across the country and the world. Many of these automakers have launched hybrid cars in the market, while some are preparing to launch their products. South Korean company Hyundai Motor is also preparing to launch its hybrid SUV car. This upcoming car of the company will remind of Land Rover and Santa Fe which was launched 23 years ago. This will be Hyundai’s new sixth generation Santa Fe plug-in hybrid car. Recently, the Santa Fe hybrid car was showcased at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

Hyundai-Kia is bearing all the expenses

According to media reports, Hyundai Motor and its subsidiary Kia are spending a lot of money to develop and launch the Santa Fe hybrid SUV car. However, Santa Fe with internal combustion engine (petrol, diesel, CNG engine) is still important for both these companies. After launching the Santa Fe hybrid SUV car in the market, both of them will start upgrading the South Korean company Kia’s Sorento.

Launch and price

It is being told that Hyundai Santa Fe hybrid SUV car can be launched in February 2024. Now as far as its prices are concerned, after coming to India, its ex-showroom price can start from Rs 45.00 lakh and go up to Rs 55.00 lakh.


Media reports suggest that the engine of the new Hyundai Santa Fe hybrid SUV could use a mix of hybrid and plug-in hybrid power to make it all-electric, compatible with the Ioniq 7 family. The hybrid powertrain consists of a new turbocharged 1.6-litre petrol engine with electric power, mated to a 6-speed automatic. It may be capable of generating 178bhp and 265Nm of torque. It is also being told that this electric SUV car can achieve 9.5-second 0 to 62 mph and top speed of 118 mph. However, Hyundai claims a figure of 43.8 mpg combined.


Although Hyundai has not yet made any disclosure about its mileage, it is being speculated that it may also have a turbocharged 1.6-litre petrol engine along with a plug-in hybrid electric unit, which Will be bigger than the 13.8 kilowatt unit of the old Santa Fe. It is also expected that its range will be more than the 36 miles of the old Santa Fe car. However, its top 0-62 mph time has been increased from 8.8 seconds to 9.1.


A glimpse of the Land Rover range can be seen in this new car of Hyundai. Along with this, it looks quite practical and off-road friendly. At the same time, H shaped LED headlamps can be seen in its front, which has been introduced in the recently launched Hyundai Exeter. Apart from this, it has flared wheel arch cladding, multi-spoke 21-inch alloy wheels, high pillars, strong roof railing, plain roof, straight tailgate, dual exhaust with H-shaped LED tail lamps. In the fifth generation Santa Fe with a long wheelbase, its second and third rows can be completely folded.