Health Care: Fennel has many medicinal properties, it is beneficial for people of all ages.

Fennel is beneficial for stomach

Health Care: Elements like calcium, sodium, iron, potassium are found in fennel. The fruit of fennel is in the form of seeds, its seeds are used in many ways. Apart from being a great mouth freshener, fennel is also very beneficial for stomach problems. Let us know how beneficial eating fennel can be for health.

Many benefits of fennel

Many people often suffer from stomach problems. But eating fennel does not cause stomach problems and constipation. Make a powder by grinding fennel with sugar candy or sugar. Consume about 5 grams of the powder with lukewarm water at night before sleeping. There will be no stomach problems and gas and constipation will go away.

Fennel improves eyesight

If someone’s eyesight is becoming weak then eyesight can be improved by consuming fennel. For this, take equal parts of fennel and sugar candy and grind them. Take one spoonful in the morning and evening with water for two months. This increases eyesight.

Eat fennel in case of stomach upset

Eating fennel is beneficial in case of stomach upset. Eating fennel every morning and evening on an empty stomach purifies the blood, which is very beneficial for the skin. This brings glow to the skin.

Eating fennel after meals is beneficial

Consuming fennel after eating anything at any time is beneficial. By consuming it, food gets digested well. Make powder by mixing fennel, cumin and black salt. Take this powder with lukewarm water after meals, it is a very good digestive powder.

Fennel is beneficial in cough

Fennel is very beneficial in case of cough. Take 10 grams of fennel extract mixed with honey, this will stop cough. If you have stomach ache, chew roasted fennel, it will give you relief.

Eat fennel in case of sour belching

If you are having sour belching then boil some fennel in water and add sugar candy and drink it. Using it two-three times will provide relief.

Relief from burning sensation in hands and feet with fennel

In case of complaint of burning sensation in hands and feet, grinding coriander in equal quantity with fennel, mixing it with sugar candy and taking 5 to 6 grams after meals provides relief within a few days.

beneficial in sore throat

If there is a sore throat then fennel should be chewed. Chewing fennel also clears the sore throat.