Health: Do you also make these mistakes while cooking, then be careful, otherwise your health will be adversely affected.

We often pay more attention to what we are eating and what things are needed to make it tasty, but what is most important here is how the food is prepared. We do not take the method of cooking food very seriously. The method of cooking has a great impact on the quality of food and our health. Therefore, it is very important to know the correct way of preparing food. So let us know what things need to be kept in mind while cooking and what is the correct method of cooking.

deep frying food

No matter how delicious fried food is, it is most unhealthy for the body. This is because the oil used in frying is dangerous for our heart. Due to frying, oil gets oxidized and trans fat is formed which causes cardiovascular diseases like cholesterol and blood pressure. Apart from this, frying adds saturated fat, sodium and cholesterol to the food which are the most dangerous elements for our body. Frying food at high temperatures destroys all the nutrients present in it.

Using Plastic Utensils on the Microwave

To avoid the hassle of using gas, we often use microwave. We think it is easier to heat our food in the microwave, but which vessel we use to heat it matters a lot. Microwaving in plastic utensils is very harmful for health. This is because plastic releases chemicals when heated, which is very harmful for health. In such a situation, microwave safe containers should be used.

overcook food

Often we overcook our food to enhance its flavor and taste. In such a situation, the nutritional value of the food gets destroyed due to excessive cooking. It is advisable to keep vegetables crispy and tender while cooking.

boiling green vegetables

We often boil green vegetables before cooking them, but by doing so all the nutrients present in green vegetables get destroyed and we are not able to get their nutrients. In such a situation, it is advisable to steam or roast green vegetables.

excessive salt intake

We all know that salt is not good for our health. It is a combination of sodium and chlorine and excessive amounts of it can cause health problems. Therefore, it is advisable to add salt in less quantity while cooking.