Israel Hamas War: Israeli army entered Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza Strip, shocking revelation

Israel Hamas War

Today is the 40th day of war between Israel and Hamas. Even today the Israeli army is targeting terrorists in the same way as it was doing on the first day. According to the latest updates of the war, Israeli forces have entered Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza Strip amid the Israel-Hamas war.

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A spokesman for the Gaza Health Ministry told news website Al Jazeera that Israeli forces were searching the basement of Al Shifa hospital. It is being told that a tunnel has been found in the hospital which was used by terrorists.

Israel Hamas War today’s news

The White House’s reaction has come to the Israeli Army’s statement that it is conducting raids against Hamas in Gaza’s Al Shifa Hospital. The White House has said that it does not support air strikes on any hospital and firing on any hospital is also not a good thing.

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According to Hamas, approximately 650 patients and 5,000–7,000 displaced people are trapped inside Al-Shifa. They are being continuously fired upon by snipers and drones. The terrorist group said that 40 patients have died.

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According to media reports, there are 36 pre-mature born babies in the hospital who need an incubator to survive. Earlier on Tuesday, Israel said that it is providing portable, battery-powered incubators so that the children can be hatched.

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Gaza Health Ministry spokesman Ashraf al-Qidra said that no arrangements have yet been made to evacuate the children. Mohammed Abu Silmeeh, director of Al-Shifa hospital, said last Saturday that doctors had to wrap the babies in cellophane to keep them alive.

Israeli military in Gaza

Gaza Health Ministry spokesman Ashraf al-Qidra also said that about 100 bodies were lying inside and were decomposing. The hospital staff are not able to take them out. He said Hamaz was working on a plan to bury him in a mass grave inside the Al-Shifa Medical Complex. Reuters has published this news.

Israeli military entered Gaza’s Al Shifa Hospital

The Israeli Army has said that Al Shifa Hospital has become a den of terrorism. Hamas terrorists live here who are using the building, patients and staff as human shields.

Gaza’s Al Shifa Hospital attack

Hamas and Gaza’s health ministry officials have denied the Israeli military’s claims and said Israel is making baseless allegations to justify attacks on health facilities.

Israel-Hamas War News Updates

Hamas has made serious allegations against US President Joe Biden. He has accused America of being behind the Israeli army’s entry into Al-Shifa hospital.