First softness and then strictness with Xi Jinping! Joe Biden again called the Chinese President a dictator

President Joe Biden and Xi Jinping are moving forward with the hope of stabilizing US-China relations. Meanwhile, the leaders of both the countries met face to face for the first time in a year. According to the news coming out regarding the talks, both the countries have agreed on many important things. After this, such speculations are being made that relations between China and America may now soften. After this meeting, Joe Biden spoke to the media and said that the biggest consensus reached during the talks is that we both will keep calling each other and answer each other’s calls. That means we will continue to talk further.

Joe Biden and Xi Jinping spent four hours together

President Joe Biden and Xi Jinping spent four hours together. During this, both the leaders had lunch together and were seen strolling in the garden. By doing this, both the leaders are trying to show the world that even though they are global economic competitors, their relations remain good. They are trying to show that America and China, despite being economic rivals, are not in a win-lose competition with global implications. If you remember, both the leaders had talked a year ago. The already tense relations between the two countries worsened when the US targeted a Chinese spy balloon and shot it down.

Joe Biden and Xi Jinping talk

Both countries agreed for direct talks

After the meeting, Joe Biden said that both the countries have now agreed on direct talks. We will talk back openly. This meeting of the two leaders during the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit took place at a time when bilateral relations between America and China are at their worst. However, after meeting Xi Jinping, Biden held a press conference in which he called the Chinese President a dictator. In fact, Biden was asked whether the President would still address Xi as a dictator as he has been seen saying earlier. On this, Biden said without any delay that Xi is a dictator in the sense that he runs a communist country…China’s government is completely different from ours…

Joe Biden with Xi Jinping talk

need to work together

Earlier, while welcoming Xi, Biden had said, ‘Xi and I have known each other for years…America and China need to work together keeping in mind our people. This includes issues of climate change, stopping drug trafficking and artificial intelligence (AI)…

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