Tesla will enter India next year! Factory can open in Gujarat or Maharashtra

Amidst the increasing popularity of electric vehicles (EV), the world’s largest EV manufacturer Tesla Is going to enter India. This is an important milestone for the Indian EV market, which is expected to grow rapidly in the coming years. Commerce Minister Piyush Goyal recently visited Tesla’s manufacturing plant in California.

Production of 5 lakh EVs annually

Tesla is planning to set up a manufacturing plant in India, according to sources, Tesla India’s factory is likely to be set up in Gujarat or Maharashtra where it will produce 5 lakh EVs annually. This plant will play an important role in increasing the EV manufacturing capacity in India.

The government accepted Tesla’s demand!

Tesla was demanding reduction in import duty to enter India. Information is being received that the government has accepted this demand of Tesla and has agreed to reduce the import duty. However, the extent to which the import duty will be reduced has not been announced yet.

Target to sell 2 crore EVs by 2030

Tesla is very excited about its entry in India. The company wants to develop India as an export base for Asia and the Pacific Ocean region. The company aims to sell 2 crore EVs by 2030 after entry in India.

Tesla may launch its entry level car Model 3 first in India

Tesla can launch its entry level car Model 3 first in India. The price of this car is likely to be around Rs 20 lakh in India. Model 3 runs up to 535 kilometers on a single charge.