Rajdoot Electric Bike: The superhit Rajdoot bike of the 1990s will once again create a stir in electric avatar!

Rajdoot Electric Bike: Ambassador was an Indian motorcycle manufacturer, known for its strong and reliable motorcycles. The company launched its first motorcycle in 1952 and remained a major player in India until the 1990s. However, the company faced financial difficulties in the late 1990s and declared bankruptcy in 1996.

Rajdoot Electric Bike Launch Soon

In recent years, the craze for electric motorcycles has started. In view of this trend, Ambassador has announced plans to re-enter the market with an electric motorcycle.

Rajdoot Electric Bike Mileage/Range

The new Rajdoot electric bike is expected to be a stylish and modern motorcycle, with a range of up to 150 kilometers on a single charge. It is also expected to be priced competitively.

Rajdoot Electric Bike Re-Launch

The launch of the new Rajdoot electric bike is a positive sign for the Indian electric motorcycle market. This is also a testament to the enduring popularity of the Ambassador brand.

New Rajdoot Electric Features and Specs

  • Motor: 3000W BLDC motor

  • Battery: 4.0 kWh Lithium-Ion Battery

  • Range: 150 kilometers

  • Maximum speed: 100 kilometers per hour

  • Brakes: Single disc brake (front) and disc brake at the rear tire

  • Display: TFT Instrument Cluster

  • Weight: 115 kg

  • Price: ₹1.50 lakh to ₹1.60 lakh (ex-showroom)

The new Rajdoot electric bike is expected to be launched in India in 2024.

Rajdoot Bike History

Friends, the story of Ambassador in India started in the year 1962 because in the same year an Indian company named Escorts started the production of India’s first Ambassador bike. The company named its first bike XLT, which was also called Ambassador 175.

Ambassador, a bike from Poland was the Indian version of SHL M11

This was actually the Indian version of SHL M11, a Polish bike. Which the company had launched in the Indian market by making some changes as per the preferences of Indian roads and people. Now there is no doubt that the Ambassador 175cc was a very luxurious and powerful bike. But being new in the market, it had to struggle a lot to win the hearts and trust of the people.

Bullet Vs Ambassador

Apart from this, at that time Bullet had already established its dominance in the category of powerful bikes. And at this time she was very popular among the people. Due to which, not much attention was paid to the Ambassador 175cc in the initial years. Although this bike was stylish, advanced, powerful and stronger than other bikes available in the Indian market, still it was not given much response by the customers. Despite this, this bike is known as a successful Indian bike.