Respiratory diseases in China are giving sleepless nights, many states of the country including Uttarakhand are on alert, know how you can take precautions

China Pneumonia These days, hospitals in China are full of patients suffering from respiratory diseases and pneumonia. The Indian government is also in alert mode amid reports of increasing respiratory diseases among Chinese children. Instructions have been issued to many states including Karnataka, Uttarakhand to be especially alert. China Pneumonia The health department in the … Read more

It is better to avoid fried foods, adopting the diet of hospital patients at home will improve health.

Hospital and catering : People come to hospital for treatment, not to enjoy food and drink. Therefore, it is natural to raise the question that what is the relation of hospitals with taste? The direct answer to this is that just as one cannot worship while hungry, similarly one cannot get treatment while hungry. It … Read more

Taste depends on nature and upbringing, how to taste those dishes which you do not like.

(Nicholas Archer and Astrid Pohlmann, Principal Researchers, Public Health and Welfare Group, CSIRO) Sydney, you’re out to dinner with a group of friends, one of whom ordered a pizza with anchovies and olives for everyone’s dinner, but you hate olives and anchovies! Would you like to take your pick – Hawaiian – or remain silent? … Read more

What is the best time to have breakfast? Eating the right breakfast at the right time is good for health.

Best Time To Eat Breakfast It is important to ensure the right time Timing your breakfast is important as it will determine whether you are getting adequate nutrition from your first morning meal, which can play a fundamental role in determining your energy levels throughout the day. Best Time To Eat Breakfast breakfast within an … Read more

What’s the night spent in calls and chatting? Know what effect sleeping will have on your health

Effect of lack of sleep Adequate sleep is very important for good health. Due to complete sleep, your body’s metabolism remains correct. Otherwise, many problems ranging from increased fatigue to weakening of immunity can surround you. Effect of lack of sleep If for any reason you are not able to sleep through the night, then … Read more

These night habits can increase diabetes, check your lifestyle

sleep too late Sleeping too late: Staying awake for long periods at night and sleeping too late can increase the risk of diabetes. It can reduce sleep quality and affect insulin sensitivity, leading to increased blood sugar levels. late night snacking Eating snacks late at night affects blood sugar levels. Eating excessive carbohydrates and sugar-rich … Read more

PHOTOS: Take special care of small children in winter season, follow these baby care tips

dress in layers Dress in layers: Use layers of clothing to help regulate your child’s body temperature in cold weather. Start with an undershirt as a base layer, add a warm layer like a sweater or fleece jacket.. keep your head covered Keep your head covered: Babies lose a lot of heat through their heads. … Read more

Health Care: Fennel has many medicinal properties, it is beneficial for people of all ages.

Fennel is beneficial for stomach Health Care: Elements like calcium, sodium, iron, potassium are found in fennel. The fruit of fennel is in the form of seeds, its seeds are used in many ways. Apart from being a great mouth freshener, fennel is also very beneficial for stomach problems. Let us know how beneficial eating … Read more

health care diwali celebration by eating a lot of sweets detox body like this mkh

Health Care: On the occasion of Diwali, after eating a lot of sweets and salty dishes, your healthy diet has been tampered with. The result of all this is that it has a negative impact on your health. In such a situation, it is very important to text your body. There are many food items … Read more

Health Care: Eat healthy rotis, along with providing nutrition, it controls diabetes.

Health Care Health Care: Talking about lifestyle and health, there are many people who, whenever they feel hungry, eat roti, vegetable, dal or whatever is easily available and go back to eating less the next day, but if the health benefits of this roti are plus. If he goes then what can I say? wheat … Read more